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Is there any good football mobile score portal?

Probably everyone who has attempted to find a website that could deliver all kinds of information about football have encountered the same kinds of issues. When browsing the internet, forums and boards in search of what people say about their experiences when attempting to make use of different mobile score platforms, most of their complaints are summarized as:

  • There are many websites, but few of them work well in mobile devices.
  • Some of them require an additional download, which can be especially troublesome when struggling with internal memory space.
  • Some of them could have a good application or a good mobile website, but they ask for a paid subscription.
None of these situations feel too good or are too pleasant. Considering this problem that many people have been experiencing during recent years, a group of football fans decided to join efforts and create the ultimate football information platform. After their hard work, what is today known as Azscore was born. The portal is an amazing tool that can be employed from both desktop computers and mobile devices, and what people really like about azscore, is that there is no need to download an additional application.

All of this sounds great, but what’s so special about Azscore?

The user will be the person who will eventually decide how good this platform is. However, for now there are a couple of things that must be mentioned in order to get a clearer picture about how Azscore works. First of all, this is no ordinary football scores website. Instead, what people will find in this portal is a huge list of live and past mobile scores at any given moment, from hundreds of matches and competitions. Every time that a player clicks or taps in any of them, they will get access to a huge detail of statistics, data, performances and much more. For example, when someone wants to review a specific match that is taking place at a given moment, the visitor will be shown an extensive summary with the most important occurrences and bits of information. Among the things that will be mentioned are, for example, who are the goalscorers, how much ball possession a team achieved, how many corner kicks, yellow cards, red cards, and much more. When taking all of this into account, nobody should feel surprised when learning that Azscore has experienced an explosive growth in its total number of visitors during recent months. Every day, more and more people want to enjoy these free characteristics by themselves.